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Finally a week with no rain! We even had the grass cut at Ballast Point...! It's all happening! We just need Sydney Council now to get in there and give Bicentennial Park a trim! That way Rich won't need to do it!

There's a few important reminders this week, so I'll get straight to it....

Firstly, the link for booking in for the Cocktail Masterclass was sent out last night, via text message. Please check your messages from me and make sure you get in quickly to book for this as spots are limited. The price includes the food, the cocktails (which of course you get to drink!) and the instructor who's coming along to teach us. It's going to be a great night, so please make sure you've reserved your place.

Secondly, as of next week there will be 2 new sessions coming in to the schedule, which I strongly encourage you to try out. Lucy will be adding Functional Strength and Conditioning to our program. She'll be focusing on building base strength which will allow for greater performance during training, toning and stability in your movement. As I mentioned last week, she'll be kicking this session off with a brand new and exciting piece of equipment, which I know you will love.

Lastly, a reminder to make sure we are replying to messages on the weekend. Please try to get back to my Sunday text asap, as I often have the car loaded up by the time the evening hits, based on numbers I've received. We came close to not having enough equipment on Monday, so please make sure that you get your text responses back as quickly as possible to check in for the week. It doesn't just help me to plan for the week, but, more importantly, it helps you to be focused on what you're doing to hit your training goals.

On that note, I'll bid you adieu for now. I'll be at Ballast Point tomorrow morning for a 7am session... Get there and get your weekend off to a great start!

What can I say other than once again... I'm impressed. In what's becoming a very consistent pattern I have managed to not get the weather quite right, and in another consistent pattern, I have managed to mention that it's not going to rain a matter of minutes before it does on 2 occasions this week! I'll be doing my best to alter that pattern!

I sounded everyone out this week to see whether you'd prefer to train outside or move across to the arches, and have some very mixed responses. Some of us will come if the session is under cover, and some won't if they have to travel. My preference is always to retain the location for the session, however, please know that if I do move the session undercover it's primarily related to safety issues, and secondarily related to how you can have the best training session. If moving the session undercover will allow you to work harder, be more focused and enjoy yourself more then those factors influence my thinking. Please make sure that you check messages after 5.30 before heading to training for any changes in location.

Be sure to stay focused and keep up your hard work. Remember that your commitment, attitude, positivity and effort not only help you achieve the results you're after, but they also encourage and inspire others to reach for their own. Your focus during the awful weather of the last three weeks has been truly inspiring. While I love being back outside without getting drenched... I do enjoy seeing the extra level of focus and resilience that it takes to get to those "saturation sessions."

Have an amazing weekend and I'll see you at Daybreak!!

Well.... I didn't think that we could top last week, but here we are! The deluge has continued and again I want to congratulate everyone who trained on one of the wet mornings this week. We ran through the rain on Tuesday, we went undercover on Wednesday, yet still a large percentage of people hit their session commitments, and the same can be said for Thursday, when we moved the session (equipment sessions are always safer in dry(er) conditions) and still, plenty of us showed up to work hard! I am one impressed trainer!

Most of you will have noticed that we've been using a new location for our undercover sessions in Annandale. It's still in the same area, but we've been heading for the areas of the arches which have a paved or concrete floor. It makes the experience ever so slightly easier and cleaner! To find the location you can still park in the same place on Chapman Rd and walk up towards the skate park (away from the Tramsheds). You can also get to it by parking on The Crescent near the skatepark or by heading in to the car park before you go under the bridge on The Crescent (and then walking towards the Tramsheds). Not only is the new area more comfortable (which is necessary on those wet and windy mornings) but it also has better lighting (so no one's getting accidently punched in the face on Fridays).

As you know, we have our Cocktail Masterclass on the 26th March. It will take place at The Cannery, at 5.30pm. This week, I'm happy to be able to let you know details: We will be making 3 cocktails (a Margarita, a Mojito and a Negroni, each with a twist). We will have the award winning Andreas Denieul from Black Bottle in Darlinghurst instructing us, and he will be focusing on how to make cocktails with utensils you have in the kitchen. You will also receive a credit for anything purchased at The Drink Hive on the night, so you can make your own cocktails at home!

I want to encourage you all again to maintain your amazing effort. It's been so great to see so many of you at training despite the weather being less than ideal. You're setting great patterns for Winter and building strength, fitness, resilience, community and amazing memories all at the same time. Keep it up!

Don't forget the session tomorrow at Ballast Point (assuming the weather holds out!), have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all at Daybreak!

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