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Happy Easter!

Hooray for a short week and a few days rest! I'm sure everyone is pleased to be back in the park (on dry days), now the mulch situation has been addressed.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Good Friday Vote - the yays have it! Therefore, sessions starting at 7am will be held in the usual locations on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. If you aren't going away, perhaps you could take advantage of the opportunity to move a little more this long weekend. 

We have a new save the date! We're really looking forward to another wine tasting in the near future, but in the interest of getting together before too much of the year slips by, we're hoping to grab a bite to eat on Friday 19th April. More details to follow.

There's only a little over a week until Daylight Savings Ends and the mornings will be a little lighter, together with the subsequent photographic wrap-up. Will this be the last of the dramatic light?

Have a fabulous long weekend and enjoy ALL the chocolate!

Exercise Review

Tricep Dips

In response to last week's question about ideas for an alternative to recipes, we had a suggestion to include instructional videos. This was so well-timed, as it's something I'd also been thinking about. There are so many ways to vary the exercises you do in the park, and while increasing load and intensity, or reducing it if need be, is great, having excellent technique is undoubtedly the most important factor. It will get you better results, and protect you from injury. So this is the first in a series. If there are any exercises you are particularly interested in, please let me know

When it comes to tricep dips, this video covers the important points. Ignore the mention of women in the openign title. Tricep dips are for EVERYONE! I'd also encourage you to keep your back (and glutes) close to the wall you are dipping from, to protect your shoulders and ensure you are engaging the triceps. Use your feet placement to adjust the load. If your legs are fully extended you will be maximising your own body weight in this exercise. 


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