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New Year, New Me!

Well not quite. Different me would be more accurate. This is Kylie. Most of you know me but for those who don't, I'm Andy's partner and I'm currently on maternity leave. I'm hoping to help Andy with Daybreak's admin while I have a bit more time, and that will include the newsletter. I intend to keep it brief and varied. I'd also love to include more interactive elements, so watch this space and get involved!

It's great to hear so many of you are already back in the park at Daybreak, starting 2024 on the right foot. Hopefully it signals that you've started as you mean to continue! I hope 2024 is a year of good health and happiness for us all.

Here's some highlights from the past fortnight:


And a few from the end of last year: 




If you enjoy the training photos and you'd like to see some you missed from last year, I'm regularly adding more to the Daybreak homepage.

Lastly, I'd love to hear if anyone has suggestions for the newsletter. We hope to be informative, but mostly see this as a way to contribute to the fantastic community you've all built together, so your input would be very valued! Drop me an email!


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