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Balmain Bootcamp

Ballast Point is a stunning 2.6 hectare park with harbour and city views, walking and cycling paths, and grassy picnic spots. Train with us in a location that combines history, art, nature and spectacular sunrise views. We have operated here continuously for over 10 years and make full use of the park’s various vantage points, from the harbourside paths to the scenic lookouts. To find us simply park on Ronald Street or Wharf Road and head through the gates at the end of Ballast Point Drive.


There is no better location in Sydney to start your day!

Weekly Sessions

Tuesday 6am: Moving Circuit

Thursday 6am: Equipment Circuit 

Our Moving Circuit is a high intensity cardio workout that combines short runs with bodyweight circuits. It's a great session for Interval Training, which raises and lowers your heart rate throughout the session, improving your fitness, burning kilojoules at a high rate and reducing stress and fatigue.

This session focuses on using a range of equipment to target a full body workout, helping to build strength, tone and increase weight loss. We focus on Interval Training, which will strengthen heart function and build fitness through a series of short rounds of movement.

Saturday 7am: HIIT Training

In this session we focus on short high intensity periods of training which raise your heart rate, and then low intensity periods of training which allow you to recover. This pattern strengthens heart function, builds fitness and maximises weight loss quickly. This session varies to target different outcomes, such as core strength, lower body strength, kilojoule burn and fitness.

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