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Glebe Bootcamp

Combining open sprawling parklands with peaceful waterside paths, Bicentennial Park is one of the best outdoor training locations in Sydney. The park offers premium city and sunrise views at the water’s edge, right next to Glebe’s iconic Moreton Bay Fig trees. We have been operating in the park for over 14 years and are the longest running outdoor training group in Glebe and Annandale. Finding us is easy! Park near the bus stop on Federal Road and look towards the water!


You’ll love Daybreak at Bicentennial Park!

Weekly Sessions

Monday 6am: Equipment

In this session we use a variety of equipment types for resistance training. This session is great for strengthening and toning. Resistance training is important as it helps to prevent injury in training, increase flexibility and increase your muscle to fat ratio, which allows you to burn more kilojoules throughout the day.

Wednesday 6am: Bodyweight

We ditch the equipment on this session to focus more on flexibility, movement, core strength and fitness. You'll get a full body workout, which will use Interval training to strengthen your heart function. Not using equipment means you'll be able to move in natural ways which improve your bodies balance. 

Wednesday 7am: Yoga

Our yoga sessions target the body, the breath and the mind to help you to achieve strength and peace.  You will focus on different techniques, postures, movement and breathing exercises, as well as mindfulness and concentration, to achieve an elevated sense of wellbeing that equips you for all of life's challenges.

Thursday 6am: Functional Strength & Conditioning

Functional Strength and Conditioning is a whole-body workout designed to improve your ability to perform day to day activities with ease. It focuses on exercises and equipment that build core strength and improve stability by mirroring movements, such as squatting and reaching, that you do in everyday life. This is a great training session to become stronger, prevent injury and improve your quality of life.

Friday 6am: Boxing

Get the boxing gloves on for this session which will get your heart rate up, while building strength, coordination and flexibility. It also improves heart health and confidence, and assists in weight loss and stress release. Our members love this session as a finisher for the week!

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