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Beating Winter

The Winter months aren't challenging with the right approach, but our challenge at the moment is establishing our consistency. We all have those days when it feels like a real struggle to get going. The weather may not be as warm, or it may have rained overnight, and the temptation is there to stay in bed. The danger here is that this becomes a habit really quickly and before we know it we are off track, and have gone backwards in our wellbeing goals over Winter. Focus now establishes your routines and pays enormous dividends down the track. Don't give in to the temptation to stay in bed!!


One of my challenges is always to make sure that we are maintaining what we do as a group, keeping equipment up to date and having trainers to work with us. There's been a little bit of a drop off in numbers of late, which has impacted the capacity to do that, so please be mindful of anyone that you think may want to get along to training to join in the fun! As an incentive, if you refer anyone who signs up, you'll receive your next month free of charge! What are you waiting for??

This weekend sees us head to Becky and John's place for a fun evening of wine tasting and friendship (not necessarily in that order), and I'm looking forward to reporting on the evening in next weeks newsletter! If you haven't yet, please make sure you've transferred your $20 (see the Whatsapp group) so John and Becky know you're coming along. This money will cover the cost of the wine you'll drink, the food you'll eat and the awesome hospitality you'll receive!

Tomorrow morning is with Poppy, so get your weekend started on the right foot with one of Poppy's super challenging yet fun sessions!




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