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Find Your Rhythm

Hi and welcome to this week's Daybreak Download!! Last week I talked about your success, and most of us did pretty well under less than ideal circumstances! The weather wasn't great for training outside, but we still managed to be pretty consistent. Pats on the back for you!

There are a re few of us though that still need to find our consistency, so if that's you (you know who you are.... And I know who you are!) then make sure that you do try to hit your sessions. Be realistic abut what you can do. If you're out of the habit shooting for 5 probably isn't the best way to achieve success. Pick two, and don't allow the excuses to grow in your mind.

Excuses can grow pretty easily, and while some are pretty decent excuses, others are only distractions. The warm bed... I'll make it up tomorrow.... My day is too busy. None of them are excuses that won't be there tomorrow as well. You might as well get it done today.

Soooo.... We have three weeks until Christmas. You know you'll be having a few drinks over the holiday period, a few extra treats, and you'll probably take a week off training..... So now is the time for you to earn all that. There are 23 training sessions until Christmas. How many will you be getting to? Make the most of this short amount of time! Your post Christmas training schedule will thank you!

This week I tool delivery of some very nice looking Christmas gifts to you all at the Christmas party, so please do try to make it on the 4th. I'll be asking for RSVPs to confirm numbers in the next few days so please firm up your plans. It would be great to see as many there as we can manage!

I look forward to seeing you at Daybreak!! Andy


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