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Healthy Hacks

Well done to those who made it on the gloomy looking mornings! I have it on good authority that the rainfall was only occasional, though hard to predict as always. The yogis made the most of Benledi House and wasted no time getting started on their inversions. 


Let's get straight into two healthy hacks everyone can benefit from.

Crowding: This is a positive strategy emphasising the addition of more nutrient-dense foods like vegetables and fruit, instead of focusing on restrictions. Aim for variety and lots of colour. You'll be adding fibre which is filling and good for digestion; vitamins and minerals to function optimally; and more volume so you'll feel full without adding as many calories. This is a sustainable approach because nothing is off-limits, meaning less deprivation and room for all the times life calls for a bit of indulgence. There's no need to be hungry and a greater chance you'll feel successful and stick with it. The idea is to fill up on the "good", leaving less room for the things you might otherwise be trying to remove. Over time your taste preferences will shift, and making good choices will become ingrained. 

Cloaking: This is based on the knowledge that the combination of fiber-rich carbohydrates, lean protein, and heart-healthy fats promotes more stable glucose levels. By eating protein or fat with your carbs you can "cloak" them to prevent a spike in blood sugar. Fiber, protein, and fats work together to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and delay their absorption into the bloodstream. 

Lastly, its not a hack exactly, but WATER. Good hydration is vital for physical strength and energy; mental concentration and focus; clearing out metabolic waste to promote better recovery; and to feel more satiated. Having a glass of water before meals can also reduce the volume of less healthy liquid options. Have water for thirst and good health, before adding something more pleasurable.

That's it! What changes will you make toward good health and longevity?

Andy would love to see you all in Balmain tomorrow! Jackets will be given out next week, and payment details will be sent to each person individually. 

Photos below as always. Stay warm (and dry) and have a great weekend!

Recipe Suggestion

Lamb Shank Soup

Based on the discussion above, a recipe seemed appropriate this week. This one ticks a lot of boxes. Tasty and comforting, quick and easy, adequate protein and scope to add lots of extra veggies. 


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