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I hope you've all had a great week. I'm sure the milder mornings are welcome, and the changing light keeps things interesting. It must be nice to see the water and the park so still, before everyone gets their day underway. 

If anyone would still like to order a t-shirt or jacket, today is the day! The form is still up if you are interested. Easter is almost here. Hot cross buns have been out for three months and Lindt bunnies are calling my name. Across the long weekend, Good Friday is considered a pretty sombre occasion with most businesses closed. While training normally continues in the park, this year Andy wanted to check whether this is what you want. So...Do you want to train on Good Friday this year:

Andy's asked for another reminder about getting to training on time. Warming up helps prevent injury in a way that simply walking to training won't achieve; it helps build a sense of community by showing your commitment to the group; and it helps Andy by avoiding interruptions to the session that's underway. Warm ups can feel a little underwhelming, but they really do help maximise your potential and prepare you to work.Speaking of the work, if you don't currently include Saturday in your routine, maybe you should give it a go? You can get up a little later, but get an excellent start to the weekend. What better way to balance some of the delicious food and drink you are hopefully enjoying. This week Poppy is covering for Andy.Here's the highlight reel - it's quite theatrical this week. Great to see so many working on the advanced push up option. Building great shoulders! Top tip: Adjust your alignment as though you are doing a barbell press (elbows a little lower), then as you lower and press, focus on opening and closing your chest and using your upper back muscles - you'll share more of the load through your upper body and give your shoulders a hand.


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