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Staying On Track

Hi and welcome to the weekend! I do hope you've had an amazing week, and I hope that as you look back over what you've achieved you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment... That includes your non training endeavours and training activities alike! Reflecting on what we have achieved and where we want to be is often a big key to success, and your success is a key part of what I do. So asking you to reflect is something you'll hear me say often. If you hit your goals, I want to give you a giant pat on the back. It's worth celebrating when we manage to set out to achieve what we intended, despite busy lives, work pressures, family commitments and any number of demands that are placed on your time. If you didn't, I'd like to encourage you to have one week in which you acknowledge that it will be a struggle, but that you'll push through and hit those training sessions you want to get to. One week only. You'll be glad you made the effort because ticking off goals is always so rewarding and fills you with a sense of achievement.

For those of you who were at training on Wednesday, you got to meet Poppy, who is going to be taking over the Wednesday class, and will also run a Yoga class at 7am on Wednesdays. This starts next week, so make sure that you get along to meet her and check out her Yoga sessions. She comes very highly recommended!

Finally... Please don't forget to keep the date of the 4th of December from 1pm free.: Our Christmas party will be on at the Merton Hotel in Rozelle. As I said last week, it's always a fun day, so make sure you don't miss it! I look forward to seeing you at Daybreak!! Andy


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