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Take Action Now!

Greetings from the end of another week! Well almost.... This one will drag out for a little longer than most as we have out Christmas party lunch tomorrow. it's not too late to make it, so if your plans have changed you're more than welcome! I'm really looking forward to celebrating the end of another year of training with you all. I'll miss those of you that can't make it, and I'm looking forward to a drink and a meal with those that can

So how did we go with our excuses this week? I chatted last week about the self talk we give ourselves to either get to training or to find excuses to not make it out the door. How did you go? I was talking with some students about exam technique this week, and we discussed the tendency that many of us have to glaze over a little as we are reading something. They talked about not taking in information when they were reading a text under the pressure of time, and it made me wonder how many of us do that when the newsletter is challenging us about something relevant? Often we need to pay attention to the things that will challenge us and improve our lives, but we lead such busy lives that we read things on the fly, intend to come back to them later, and then totally forget about it! So... Do you need to pay attention to the messages that will make significant improvements to your life?

We have 17 days left of the year, and my question to you as we ponder the last one is how many will you make? A lot can change in those 3 short weeks. I often say to people who start training that in those first two weeks you'll see a big difference. What do you want to achieve before Christmas? You CAN drop a few kilos, you CAN improve your fitness and strength and you CAN improve the quality of your life. But will you?

Action is needed. Getting out of bed and doing something different is how we change.

David is currently training for the Tour De Cure to raise money for cancer research. You may know that this is an issue that has touched his life personally so it would be great if we can get together to support him by donating. Please use the link here for donations.


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