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The Consistency You Want

What can I say other than once again... I'm impressed. In what's becoming a very consistent pattern I have managed to not get the weather quite right, and in another consistent pattern, I have managed to mention that it's not going to rain a matter of minutes before it does on 2 occasions this week! I'll be doing my best to alter that pattern!

I sounded everyone out this week to see whether you'd prefer to train outside or move across to the arches, and have some very mixed responses. Some of us will come if the session is under cover, and some won't if they have to travel. My preference is always to retain the location for the session, however, please know that if I do move the session undercover it's primarily related to safety issues, and secondarily related to how you can have the best training session. If moving the session undercover will allow you to work harder, be more focused and enjoy yourself more then those factors influence my thinking. Please make sure that you check messages after 5.30 before heading to training for any changes in location.

Be sure to stay focused and keep up your hard work. Remember that your commitment, attitude, positivity and effort not only help you achieve the results you're after, but they also encourage and inspire others to reach for their own. Your focus during the awful weather of the last three weeks has been truly inspiring. While I love being back outside without getting drenched... I do enjoy seeing the extra level of focus and resilience that it takes to get to those "saturation sessions."

Have an amazing weekend and I'll see you at Daybreak!!


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