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What's Ahead...

Updated: Jan 17

Finally a week with no rain! We even had the grass cut at Ballast Point...! It's all happening! We just need Sydney Council now to get in there and give Bicentennial Park a trim! That way Rich won't need to do it!

There's a few important reminders this week, so I'll get straight to it....

Firstly, the link for booking in for the Cocktail Masterclass was sent out last night, via text message. Please check your messages from me and make sure you get in quickly to book for this as spots are limited. The price includes the food, the cocktails (which of course you get to drink!) and the instructor who's coming along to teach us. It's going to be a great night, so please make sure you've reserved your place.

Secondly, as of next week there will be 2 new sessions coming in to the schedule, which I strongly encourage you to try out. Lucy will be adding Functional Strength and Conditioning to our program. She'll be focusing on building base strength which will allow for greater performance during training, toning and stability in your movement. As I mentioned last week, she'll be kicking this session off with a brand new and exciting piece of equipment, which I know you will love.

Lastly, a reminder to make sure we are replying to messages on the weekend. Please try to get back to my Sunday text asap, as I often have the car loaded up by the time the evening hits, based on numbers I've received. We came close to not having enough equipment on Monday, so please make sure that you get your text responses back as quickly as possible to check in for the week. It doesn't just help me to plan for the week, but, more importantly, it helps you to be focused on what you're doing to hit your training goals.

On that note, I'll bid you adieu for now. I'll be at Ballast Point tomorrow morning for a 7am session... Get there and get your weekend off to a great start!


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