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Winter Warrior

Winter Warrior starts in just over a week but before we get into the specifics, take a look at the Monday morning dedication! 

So how will Winter Warrior work this year?

You've been split into two teams as outlined below. Andy will set up a WhatsApp group for each team, where you can decide on a team name, strategise, and encourage one another throughout. The average number of sessions trained per week is equal in each group based on recent efforts, so you'll need to exceed your average effort to win.

Points will be allocated as follows:

  • 1 point for every session attended

  • 1 bonus point if the temperature is in the single digits when the session starts

  • 1 bonus point if it's raining

  • 2 bonus points for each week you attended at least one session at both Glebe and Balmain

  • 2 bonus points for attending the kick off drinks

  • 2 bonus points for attending the wrap dinner

The team with the most points wins! Each person in the winning team will receive a training towel, and the first place prize will go to the person in that team who has the most points. You must be in the winning team to win the grand prize of two months free training

Second prize will be a $100 Rebel voucher and third prize is a bottle of wine. These will be awarded solely on the number of points earned, regardless of which team you are in. 

Here's a reminder of the key dates:

Sunday 16th June: Kick off drinks

Monday 17th June - Saturday 11th August: The challenge!

Friday 16th August: Wrap dinner

Staying fit and strong in the colder months can be hard sometimes, but not as hard as starting from scratch when the weather warms back up. The thing I personally love most about group fitness is the group aspect. Having company. knowing I'm not the only one feeling challenged, and feeling accountable to show up (not just to the session but to also give my best effort). Hopefully the opportunity to work together on a challenge, will encourage you to commit to sticking with the habits you've formed and find the fun in being a bit uncomfortable. 

Andy will be running Saturday this week. I'm sure he'll be happy to answer any questions you have, or you can email.

Here's the week in pictures. Have a great weekend!

Recipe Suggestion 

Rich Beef & Stout Casserole


What could be better on a cold wet evening, than a hearty slow-cooked meal. This might not be low calorie, low carb or low fat, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Perfect with a side of veggies. All things in moderation! 


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