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Now is the time!

Good afternoon and happy Friday everyone!

I hope that you've had an amazing week and managed to hit your goals. This week it's been so encouraging to hear about more people getting to training sessions outside. That Moving Circuit in Balmain sounded fun!

The good news is that with the easing of restrictions we will be able to move closer towards normality in just over a week, which is very exciting! I can't wait to be back in the park with you guys. We will be increasing sessions at Glebe, as well as adding sessions back to Balmain so that you can get your training routine back to normal.

If you haven't been, then now is the time to be active and to be building your strength and fitness back up so you avoid that 2 day ache after training! Get a couple of short runs in, meet someone for a workout or even do pushups, squats and crunches during the ad breaks! All of those things will help your return to training.

Like I said I can't wait to see you back in training in just over a week! In the meantime have an amazing weekend, try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. See you soon!


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