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Better together!

Hi everyone!

Well this is an exciting announcement.... I'm happy to be able to let you know that we're back to proper training next week! Soooo... Everyone who's fully vaccinated will be able to train! I'm looking forward to seeing you all as soon as you're comfortable to get back into it.. I'm also keen to organise a celebration for us all once we are all allowed out and about again! So watch this space!

I want to say a big well done to the people who have been getting to sessions so far. I know it's a bit of a challenge when things haven't quite gotten back up to full speed but your efforts have been noticed and recognised so well done to everyone. A big shout out to Justine too who's been trekking from Balmain over to Glebe for sessions.

I'd like to highlight how impressed I am with the community that we all have. When I was counselling one of the key aspects that we would always look for that marked the strength of a group was its ability to function without a leader. I've really tried to build those connections and that sense of community between everyone and I think that our group really does have a life of its own which is independent of me or anyone else. I see that in the ways that people have been supportive and encouraging to each other, in the ways that you've all been meeting to stay focused and on track, and in the positive communication that I've been seeing between everyone.

I'm truly excited to have everyone back together next week and looking forward to the next stage in the growth of the group!

See you soon!


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