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I have been training with Andy for the last 9 years. I enjoy his supportive yet challenging training approach and I’ve been able to achieve and maintain my fitness goals. Most of all, Andy cares about his clients on a personal level and has created a community for us to come together, both in and out of training. He’s very encouraging and is great at pushing you to the limits. I love starting my day with a good work out, outdoors and familiar faces each morning!



I have been training 3 times a week with the fabulous Andy Wilson since 2016. Andy varies the sessions to provide all round cross fitness training from cardio, weights, boxing and of course the all important stretching. I'm a big fan and would highly recommend Andy if you are looking for a terrific lifestyle fitness coach to keep you in great form on a long term basis.



Over the past 8 years I have been doing bootcamp with Andy - and haven't looked back! I have become fitter and more toned than I have been in decades. Andy has provided diverse and challenging sessions, always keeping it interesting. But it is the personal qualities that we love - he is committed, supports you in your goals, and encourages to stretch where you can - and he has built a fantastic and fun bootcamp community. Really love joining Andy and the team at sunrise. 

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