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Hitting Your Goals

If you've been struggling to hit training goals then I recommend a close look at what you're wanting to achieve. Goals should be easy to check off if we've been struggling a bit. One way to do this is to consider training on Monday (get one out of the way early) and then one later in the week (Thursday, or Friday). If early starts have been a challenge then a Saturday session could be the way to go as it's a 7am start and you won't need to be rushing off to work.

Once you've established those patterns then adding an extra session during the week becomes a little easier. Establishing consistency in what we do is always important. From a training perspective it means you're maintaining levels of fitness and strength. It also means that you're less likely to give it up during Winter months when the weather presents more of a challenge. Winter will be upon us before we know it, and we want to be able to keep what we do going as a lot of backsliding can happen during three months of inconsistent or even no training.



There's been quite a few away over the last couple of weeks so our numbers have been a little on the low side, but over the next couple of weeks lots of people will be returning so the atmosphere at training will be more conducive to showing up and working hard. Make the most of it to get your fitness goals on track!



Don't forget that there's still time to register for our wine tasting evening at Becky and John's. We'll need to finalise numbers soon so of you haven't completed the form to let us know you're coming, then please do so asap. Here's the link to register:

John will then be in touch to let us know more details about the evening. There will be a small charge which will cover all our wines and food. It will be a really good evening so please don't forget to register if you haven't already.

Poppy will take the Saturday session tomorrow, so get along for the perfect start to your weekend at Balmain at 7am.




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